Dare to dream, and we'll do the rest.

Work with a 3D Designer to transform your ideas into functional reality


Work with an agent to determine your design needs.



Engineers and digital modelers bring your part to life in 3D, using today's leading design tools.



Your finished 3D Model file is submitted to you for review in a full 3D Viewer.

WHO NEEDS 3d modeling?

  • Architecture

  • Sculpture

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • STEM Research

  • STEM Teachers and Students

  • Manufacturing Engineering

  • Packaging Engineering

  • Advertising

  • Medical Devices

  • Product Design

  • Film Production

  • Prop Masters

  • Set Decoration

  • Industrial Design

  • Jewelry Design



You don't have to be a designer to order a 3D Design. You don't even need a technical background -- as long as you can communicate an idea or a vision, you're all set. 


Why 3d design?

In order to 3D Print a part, that part must first exist as a computer file called a 3D Model. The process of creating a 3D Model file is called 3D Design. 

Guaranteed 3D-Print-Ready

All 3D Models are delivered in 3D-Print-Ready *.STL format and are guaranteed ready for any 3D Printing process.

Software: SolidWorks

An industry-standard 3D CAD platform used for hard surface modeling of mechanical components and complex multi-part assemblies.

Software: ZBrush

A digital sculpting tool used to create detailed, high-resolution organic 3D Models.

The Process

Describe your Project

Gather your project details and requirements, and submit them with your quote request.



A 3D Designer works with you to define your project to the point where we can provide a quote.



Your 3D Design is created, and your 3D Model files are submitted to you for review online.