Transform concepts into print-ready digital models

3D Modeling: Pictures to Parts


Make anything look like anything. (Really.)

trophies   ||   props   ||   wardrobe/jewelry   ||   trade show models

miniatures   ||   jewelry   ||   character likeness

Custom Chess Set for Director Ron Howard

We surprised Ron Howard with a custom chess set, created based on images from his films.


HILTON Corporate Event Trophies

The Process

Define Requirements

We work directly with your creative team to determine timeline, project goals, and specific model requirements.


Our team of expert digital model-makers get to work on your design, producing digital assets ready for 3D Printing and finishing.


Review the finished design in full 3D, provide feedback, and request edits until the design is perfect.

Who needs 3D Design?

3D Design is the process of creating a 3D Model file, which is a set of digital instructions used to produce a physical asset with 3D Printing or other form of Rapid Prototyping -- such as Urethane Casting or Metal Foundry Casting. 

You need to produce physical assets. We love a challenge.

Support Awaits...

3D Scanning

   Turn a physical object into a digital 3D Model asset.

CAD + Engineering

   Mechanical engineering capabilities to produce dimensionally accurate and functional designs