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What is 3D Design?

In order to 3D Print an object, that object must first exist as a 3D Model file. We create 3D Model files based on your requirements and descriptions.

Read below to learn about the three types of 3D Design services we offer.



CAD + Engineering

   For those looking to get a 3D Design completed for a consumer product, mechanical assembly -- or just a gadget in general -- CAD + Engineering is the way to go. Work with a design engineer to create an effective design that meets your real-world requirements.



3D Modeling

   If you have a photograph, sketch, reference photos -- or just a good description -- and need us to create a 3D Design, then 3D Modeling is for you. Compared to CAD + Engineering, 3D Modeling is geared towards organic designs, character models, and items without precise function or dimension.  The process involves computer-aided modeling and sculpting software to achieve a precise aesthetic and create 3D-Print-Ready model files.



3D Scanning

   Digitally capture objects and people in high-definition for 3D Modeling or 3D Printing. Your 3D Scan data is prepared in *.STL or *.OBJ mesh format, and can be resized, further altered with 3D Modeling services, or even converted to CAD formats for more in-depth and technical reverse-engineering.


The Process


Submit a quote request and work with an agent to determine your design needs.



Engineers and digital modelers bring your part to life as a 3D model.



Your finished 3D Model file is submitted to you for review and revisions. 


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