3D Modeling

Bring your organic concepts to life with digital design and organic sculpting. If you can draw it or dream it, we can design it. 


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What is 3D Modeling?


This term simply refers to the process of creating designs and objects whose completeness doesn't depend on precise mechanical features or real-world functionality. Our 3D Modeling services are focused on achieving the intended aesthetics in a way that also guarantees successful 3D Printing. 

Working with 3D Scans


3D Scanning is the best way to capture existing physical objects for resizing and alteration using 3D Modeling. Your 3D Scan data is delivered in *.STL or *.OBJ mesh format, which enters seamlessly into the 3D Modeling pipeline.  

Characters + Modeling Likeness


Character modeling is the act of digitally creating a person or creature in a way that appears realistic. This is based on a fine creative eye and maintaining proper proportions. To achieve likeness to a particular subject, simply provide full-turn photos of the subject when requesting a quote. 

Looking for realistic finished parts? Check out our Beyond 3D services.


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