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Quick-Turn Parts

Keep your projects on schedule with delivery in just days, not weeks.


Multiple materials

Choose from a range of material options to cover all of your fabrication needs.


Expert File review

All 3D Model files undergo a thorough check for print feasibility and mesh readiness.  

Material Options

ABS Plastic

Standard plastic with good strength.  Ideal for prototyping.

PolyJet Resin

Rigid polymer with high-detail and smooth surfaces.  Ideal for mold-making parts.

SLA Resin

Crisp detail with smooth surfaces.  Commonly used for high-detail or optically clear parts.

SLS Nylon

A lightweight, durable, and semi-flexible material.

Featured: ABS Plastic

ABS Plastic is a popular choice for general-purpose 3D Printing and prototype fabrication. The interior of an ABS Plastic part can be Solid or Sparse:


Solid Infill

ABS Plastic parts with Solid Infill have maximum strength and weight.




ABS Plastic parts with Sparse Infill cost less than Solid Infill parts, and have great general durability.


Go Beyond 3D Printing

Take your 3D Printed parts to the next level with our post-processing services:

Finishing + Smoothing

Metal Casting + Plating


Vacuum Forming

Master-Detail Painting

Bonding + Assembly


Don't have a 3D Model file?


In order to 3D Print something, you'll need a 3D Model file. If you want to 3D Print but don't have a 3D Model file, we provide 3D Design services to transform your ideas into 3D-Print-Ready files.

The Process

Upload 3d models

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An agent will provide a quote and offer assistance with material options and finishes.


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