3D Scanning

Digitally capture physical objects and people with high fidelity. Modify, Resize, or Replicate.


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High-Resolution Object Scanning


Capturing the physical form of an object as a 3D Model file is the starting point to a number of different processes: restoration and repair, reproduction, or simple replication. Your 3D Scan order results in a 3D Model file in *.OBJ or *.STL format, which can be modified with our 3D Modeling services, or converted into 3D CAD format with our CAD + Engineering services. 

3D Body Scanning


Capture a person's full form -- or just a portion of the body -- in full 3D. This is a great entry point for creating custom bust statues, masks, helmets, or anything that has to conform or fit onto the body. Appointments can be made on-site at your location, or at our shop. To get set up with an appointment, visit the Get A Quote page and submit your request.

Digitize + Duplicate


3D Scan orders are delivered in *.OBJ or *.STL file formats, which allow you to move directly into 3D Printing a duplicate at any size.  


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