Turn objects into digital models

Digitally capture physical objects in high resolution. Resize, reshape, or render.

ANY SHape, any size

Whether it's a car fender or an antique necklace, there's a 3D Scanning solution to properly capture your part.



Achieve fine surface detail and dimensionally accurate 3D Models.


Modify your scans

Resize, reshape, smooth, and otherwise alter your 3D Scan data to achieve the design you need.  

Reverse engineering

Convert 3D Scan data to CAD through parametric 3D Design, to output files in universal CAD format (STEP, IGES), or native SolidWorks files. Resulting CAD data can be true-to-reality, or can be altered to reflect the original design intent.


photorealistic rendering

Using the 3D Model data that results from the 3D Scanning process, we can create true-to-life and perfectly staged product renderings.

ART + Sculpture

Digitally capture sculptures and other physical art pieces for reproduction. Once you have a 3D Model file, your piece can be resized, modified, touched-up, or 3D Printed. 



Bring an old relic back to its original state, and reproduce a copy in your material of choice.

Modify your 3D Scan Data


Once a 3D Scan is complete, the resulting 3D Model file can be modified to resize, reshape, touch-up, smooth out, or otherwise modify in any way. Check out our 3D Design services to learn more.

3D Print it


The 3D Model file that results from your 3D Scan project can be 3D Printed at any size, in a material of your choice.

The Process

Get a quote

Submit images of the part to be scanned.

Ship your part

When you place an order, you get a prepaid shipping label so you can ship your part in for service. 

3D Scan completed

Get a link to view and download your 3D Model online, and your object will be shipped back to you.