Transform your CAD into a presentation-quality tabletop model.


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Presentation-Ready Plastics


ABS Plastic and SLS Nylon are the best options for 3D Printing architectural models. Both materials yield clean monochromatic 3D Models. If you're planning on painting your model, ABS Plastic is recommended over the more porous and absorptive surface of SLS Nylon parts. ABS Plastic typically has a shorter lead-time and lower cost than SLS Nylon, but if you have a large model or many pieces to 3D Print, SLS Nylon will be a more efficient choice. For smoother surfaces and models with thin features, SLS Nylon is recommended. 

Large + Oversize Parts


By partitioning designs that are larger than our 3D Printer build volume, we can create large and oversize display pieces.  The key to this is our Painting + Finishing service, which masks any evidence of construction, and produces parts with a clean and crisp appearance, ready for presentation.

Scale-Model Realism


Utilizing 3D Printing for architectural model applications allows a high-level of realism not ordinarily attainable with traditional chip-board construction. You've put time and effort into making your digital model perfect, and you can carry that over into the real world with high fidelity by choosing 3D Printing over hand fabrication. 


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