Eye-catching pieces

Your piece is designed, built, and finished camera-ready or for professional display.

Multi-Step Process

Projects are managed and checked for quality at each step of production: design, fabrication, and finishing.

Any Size, Any Material

From tiny miniature models to large art installations, materials and techniques are chosen to suit your project requirements.

Modern Craftsmanship

The best results come from a balanced combination of traditional fabrication with modern 3D Design and 3D Printing techniques.

One of a kind

Custom pieces, uniquely hand-made to your specifications.

Finishing + Smoothing

Metal Casting + Plating


Vacuum Forming

Master Detail-Painting

Bonding + Assembly


Props for Film + TV

Producing items for on-camera use requires a creative eye, attention to detail, and speed. 

Every job takes a different approach, chosen to fit the creative needs, timeline, and budget of the production.

  • Set Decoration

  • Hero Props

  • Costume Design

  • Camera-Ready

  • Miniatures

  • Model Painting




Whether you need a piece of custom jewelry or a solid bronze sculpture, we have a process to create your piece in metal.

3D Printed parts can be directly cast in metal, molded in wax, or simply plated. 

  • Casting

  • Molding

  • Electroplating

  • Art

  • Jewelry

  • Gifts



For Display

Create an eye-catching display pieces for your next event, or a custom trophy for an awards ceremony.

Construction and finishing techniques available for any budget and timeline.  

  • Tradeshow Booth Display Pieces

  • Custom Trophies

  • Sculptural Pieces

  • Large-Format Art Installations

  • Scale Models: Architecture and Machinery

  • Branded Signage