Transform your 3D Prints

Get the most out of 3D Printing with custom pieces, hand-finished to your specifications.

Multi-Step Process

Projects are managed and checked for quality at each step of production: design, fabrication, and finishing.

Any Size, Any Material

From tiny miniature models to large art installations, materials and techniques are chosen to suit your project requirements.

Modern Craftsmanship

The best results come from a balanced combination of traditional fabrication with modern 3D Design and 3D Printing techniques.

Go Beyond 3D Printing


Painting + Finishing

 Picture-perfect parts begin with a 3D Print, but are finished with smooth surfaces, color-matching, and master-detail hand painting or airbrush technique.


Mold-Making + Cast Urethane  

Using a single 3D Printed part, a mold can be created to produce large batches of parts in resin, plaster, or concrete. 


Metals: Casting + Plating

Create custom jewelry pieces in precious metals, cast larger pieces in solid Bronze, or plate 3D Printed parts in Gold or Chrome. 


Vacuum Forming    

Create plastic shells which conform to complex shapes. Starting with a 3D Printed part, we can produce large batch quantities of clear or opaque plastic shells, with multiple options for thickness.



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