CAD + Engineering

Create functional 3D Models to meet real-world requirements. 



Precise Parts and Complex Assemblies


Product designs must meet real-world functional requirements, and mechanical assemblies involve multiple separate parts interacting as a whole. These goals are met through expert use of advanced 3D CAD software. The whole idea behind 3D CAD and 3D Printing is to prototype efficiently, reduce time-to-market, and avoid mistakes and difficulty down the road -- this is what we do. 

Full Design Review


When a design is completed, we present it to the customer for detailed review in a full 3D Model browser. If there's something about the design that doesn't match the project definition, we correct it. This final step is often overlooked in the design process, but it's crucial to guarantee that results match expectations. Our design mantra is "get it right the first time."

Seamless Prototyping


When we're finished with your design, simply request a 3D Print and we'll move you right into physical prototyping. All CAD + Engineering projects are delivered as original CAD project files along with 3D-Print-Ready 3D Model files -- you own your designs. 


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