Life-Like Moth [Prop]



Starting with a preserved moth, a lifelike replica prop with added detail is created using 3D Scanning, 3D Modeling, 3D Printing, and Painting + Finishing services.




      A preserved moth was provided as the basis for this project. The overall dimension, proportion, and fine detail on the moth's wings was captured with high-resolution 3D Scanning. This captured 3D Scan data formed the digital foundation for the production of the moth prop. 



     Using the 3D Scan data as a starting point to the 3D Modeling process, our digital sculpting team sculpted and increased the definition on the moth's body. Following this, detailed insect legs were sculpted and posed to put the moth in a landed/standing position. At this point, nothing has been 3D Printed: the project is still in the design phase, where we ensure the data is perfect before going into 3D Print production. The model is finalized and prepared for 3D Printing in High-Resolution Resin. 



     The finished moth is 3D Printed in High-Resolution Resin, which reproduces the surface detail from the 3D Scanning and 3D Modeling phases. Faithfully replicating this fine surface detail is integral to the perception that the object is a real moth, and the success of the prop as a whole. The 3D Printed part comes out in a monochrome white finish, and must then be brought to life visually, with our Painting + Finishing services.



     The last step is crucial -- without attention to detail in the Painting + Finishing phase, the piece risks looking flat and could fail to trick the eye as the real thing. Going off of macro-detail images of a real moth with white wings, black spots, and a colorful body, our model-painting artist faithfully recreated the patterning on the moths wings and body, which resulted in a true-to-life prop that didn't fly away during filming!



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