This couple wanted a custom set of cake stands to prop up individual cakes on each table of guests at their wedding reception. Such a fun project!   




     The project started out by 3D Scanning the Groom & Groom in an arms-up pose as though they'd be holding up a big tray above their heads. Each person was scanned individually, the resulting bodies were placed back-to-back in a 3D Modeling environment, and the tops of their hands were altered to be at the same height to ensure the cakes would stay level and not tilt off.

Once the bodies were finally positioned, two discs were created to mount to the hands and feet of the figurines, to form the base and platform for the cake stands. The design was then broken down and saved off as four individual 3D Model files for 3D Printing  



     A total of 24 individual figurines and 24 discs were 3D Printed in durable ABS Plastic. These pieces were then assembled and glued together.



     Using thick silverchrome paint, each cake stand was uniformly painted with several coats to ensure a uniform shimmering surface. These finished cake stands -- which doubled as the centerpieces for each table -- were apparently such a hit at the wedding that guests could be seen going home with them, and none were left over by the end of the night.



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