Material Options


Finishing Services

    We offer a full range of post-processing services, designed to make your parts look good on camera or presentation-ready. Once your part has been 3D Printed, we can finish however you like.

ABS Plastic

    ABS Plastic is the most common choice for general prototyping and model-building. For applications not involving mold-making, this is an ideal material due to its strength and ability to have a low-density honeycomb interior when printing models with dense solid interiors. 


PolyJet Resin

     A dense, hard polymer ideal for applications involving mold-making.  The high level of detail in PolyJet parts makes this the perfect option for parts which require a high level of surface finish, such as props or miniatures.  


SLA Resin

     This crisp, high-detail resin is similar to PolyJet Resin, and is ideal for applications involving painting, prop-making, and mold-making. Metal casting applications commonly require SLA Resin prints.


SLS Nylon

    Parts 3D Printed in SLS Nylon are reliable and durable. This is a good general-purpose option, with a longer lead-time than ABS Plastic. 


Full-Color Powder

     Due to the full-color capability, this material is most commonly used for producing miniature models of people for display purposes. When performing a 3D Body Scan, we capture the color data necessary for this 3D Printing process. This material is not common in general prototyping or other model-making applications. Warning: parts can be delicate!


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If you need a material that can't be 3D Printed, try our Beyond 3D services to create your part in a different material than we offer for 3D Printing



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