What to know about 3D Printing

All we need to 3D Print is a 3D Model file (*.STL or *.OBJ).  When sending your files, specify your desired material and color.  Notify us of any rush orders so we can accommodate your deadline.  Most small to medium-sized 3D Print orders take 2-3 days in addition to the shipping time.  




3D Printing Process




Submit 3D Model files for a quote.


Receive a quote / place payment to commence job.  


Completed parts are shipped.  



No 3D Model File?  No problem!

We have 3D Design services so you can get your own custom 3D Model file (ready for 3D Printing). Whether you need to replicate a broken part, copy a sculpture or design a product, our engineers are equipped to design exactly what you need.  


Product Development


Many product developers use 3D Printing as the stepping stone to launch their idea off the ground.  With 3D Printing and tech, one can: 1) get a 3D Model file of their design idea 2) 3D Print out a physical prototype 3) revise and reprint that design 4) have a strong body of material to show to a manufacturer or investor.  View our Product Development page to get a better understand what we can do for you.  

Material Options


We offer a great selection of materials, perfectly suited for a multitude of 3D Print jobs ranging from architectural models to product molds.  If you need help selecting the right one for your project, tell us what your 3D Print is being used for and we can suggest the most applicable material.  To learn more about each material and their unique properties, view our Material Options page.  

Industries we work in


We've done 3D Printing for many industries such as medical tech and jewelry.  Learn more about our most common industries to work with by clicking the page links below: