Product Development

Get that idea out of your head and into your hand. Use 3D Printing to shorten development timelines and to finalize functionality prior to manufacturing. 


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Products Designed Here


If you have a concept but need assistance doing the design work, we'll work with you to develop a fabrication-ready 3D Design in industry-leading 3D CAD software.

Prototyping in different materials


3D Printing affords a number of options when it comes to material types, but sometimes you need a material that isn't covered directly by 3D Printing, or the material options offered by 3D Printing aren't perfectly suited to your needs. Our Beyond 3D services include molding + casting, which opens your options up to producing your parts in virtually any material. 

Full Assemblies


Functional devices often require more than just 3D Printing. In this case, we bridge the gap between "part" and "product" by providing hands-on services like anodizing metals, laser-cutting, COTS component selection, and hardware assembly. More than just a 3D Printing service, we staff a team of designers, artists, engineers, and builders. Whatever additional features your project requires, our Beyond 3D services can get your project there. 


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