Using one or all of our main three techniques of 3D Modeling, 3D Scanning, and 3D Printing, we can create a wide range of props for Film and Television. Combined with our detailed post-processing services, a perfect camera-ready result can be achieved in a matter of days. 



WHY use us?

With the two-step process of 3D Design and 3D Printing, errors are minimized. You have a chance to review your 3D Designs before they are fabricated, which leaves little room for interpretation or miscommunication as to end result. Our process gets you precisely what you need. 

don't forget about 3d scanning!

3D Scanning is a powerful tool for prop-making. Existing physical objects can be copied and scaled to create miniature or larger-than-life pieces. Once a physical object is captured with 3D Scanning, the appearance can be modified to create unique interpretations of recognizable objects.

finishing services

A successful prop has been smoothed clean and painted to achieve an exact desired appearance. Read more on our post-processing services to see what we can do.

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common applications

  • Physical "Hero Props" for Film and Television

  • Trophies / Awards Shows

  • Hand-painted miniatures

  • Costume fixtures and prosthetics




We're ready to start working on your project whenever you are!  

If you have more questions about our prop-making services, please contact us or visit our FAQ Page.  

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