About H3DP

We're leading the way in providing universal access to design, rapid prototyping, and custom fabrication services.

Our Purpose

To blend modern design and fabrication services with unique creative vision and whip-smart project management, to make high-quality physical objects at any quantity and scale.

We believe in the power of The Pipeline above all else: by methodically combining individual processes in thoughtful pursuit of a unified goal, you get an outcome that's much more than the sum of the parts.

Harmonizing diverse services in pursuit of a single end product requires tireless attention to detail and sharp project management. The task of handling each of our customers' unique set of creative, manufacturing, and deadline challenges has led us to develop a web-based platform for creative project management and fulfillment of customized physical objects.

The first of its kind, our user-centric web platform is changing the way people make things. We're leading the charge in restoring sanity and order to an industry riddled with miscommunication, unmet expectations, and disorganized solutions.

Our Process

Service Request
Project Discovery
Quotes + Ordering
Creative Review
Delivery + Fulfillment

Create a Request

Through your Account Dashboard, request a New Quote and follow the steps to describe your project requirements and upload reference files. Your submission will be assigned to a Project Manager, who will review your information as soon as it is submitted.

If the information you provide is sufficient to allow your Project Manager to proceed directly to providing a Quote, then you'll receive an email notification that your quote is ready.

If not, then your request will proceed to the next stage: Project Discovery.

Core Team

Philip Guidon