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Published on 10 Sep 2019
Get instant online pricing for 3D Printing in ABS Plastic, PolyJet Resin, SLA Resin, SLS Nylon, or MJF Nylon.
Wearable costume piece in SLS Nylon, made by Hollywood 3D Printing.

Create an online account with Hollywood 3D Printing, and access automatic 3D Printing pricing and online ordering through your Customer Dashboard.

When it comes to ordering 3D Printing and rapid prototypes online, Hollywood 3D Printing offers a streamlined experience for getting instant online price quotes on uploaded 3D Model files.

This blog post walks through the instructional video below, which demonstrates uploading 3D Model files in STL or OBJ format to the online automatic pricing tool for 3D Printing, how to change your build material and other 3D Printing options, and finally how to proceed with placing an order online:

1: Create your Hollywood 3D Printing account

To access your Customer Dashboard, create an account online at

2: Select "New Quote" from your Customer Dashboard

Once you log in, you'll be directed to your Customer Dashboard, where you will see several options to create a quote request for 3D Printing, 3D Design, 3D Scanning, or Beyond 3D fabrication services. Select the option for "+ New Quote" in the 3D Printing section, and you'll be directed the automatic 3D Printing quotation software.

3: Upload STL and OBJ Files

Add 3D Model files to your quote by dragging + dropping over the blue opload box. After all files have finished uploading, each file appears as an as individual line item in the 3D Printing order table.

4: Choose 3D Printing Options

Each model loads with initial values chosen by default -- the default Material for all parts is set to ABS Plastic, and each part has default settings for its units (millimeters, centimeters, or inches) and quantity.

You can click the part's image on the left side of the line item, for an enlarged view. Select "3D View" to view each 3D Model file in full 3D, to confirm you have uploaded the correct parts for 3D Printing.

5: Select Shipping Option and Place Order

After uploading your 3D Model files and choosing the correct 3D Printing options -- Material option, dimension units (mm, cm, or in), and quantity -- the next step is to select fulfillment and shipping options.

Enter your shipping address and click "Get Shipping Rates" to get a list of FedEx shipping speeds and prices. If you're local to Los Angels area, there's an option for local Will-Call pickup.

After your fulfillment and shipping options are set, click "Next" to get to the final Order Review and Checkout page. Here you'll see a summary of your order, and a Credit Card payment form to checkout online. Once you place your order, you'll receive a confirmation email and can download a full receipt from the order listing in your Customer Dashboard.

That's it! Now sit back, relax, and your parts will show up at your door.

Note: Your 3D Model files should be in STL or OBJ file format

Use 3D Model files in STL and OBJ files under 100MB with the automatic 3D Printing pricing tool. If you upload files over 100MB or in formats other than STL or OBJ, you'll be prompted to proceed with a Manual 3D Printing quote, where a Project Manager will receive your files and review them manually for a 3D Printing quote.

If you upload files like images, PDFs, or other non-3D filetypes, you'll be redirected to start a 3D Design quote.

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