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Published on 12 Sep 2019
Your free customer account comes with an Online 3D Model viewer. The free online STL file viewer provides cloud storage, viewing, and sharing for your 3D Model files in STL or OBJ format.
Screenshot views from the 3D Model Viewer, a free feature included with your online Hollywood 3D Printing account.

Create an online account with Hollywood 3D Printing, and access your 3D Model Library, with a suite of useful tools to store, view, and share your 3D Model files online.

Your online account comes with a suite of tools to store, view, and share your 3D Model files.

This blog post walks through the instructional video below, which demonstrates how to use the 3D Model Library feature in your account to store, view, and share your 3D Model files online.

1: Create your Hollywood 3D Printing account

To access your Customer Dashboard, create an account online at From there, you can access the 3D Model Library from your Account Navigation sidebar.

2: Adding / Removing 3D Model Files

To add 3D Model files to your library, simply drag and drop items over the upload arrow icon. Once the file has finished loading, you'll see a button labeled "Submit Files" appear -- click this button to complete the file upload process, and you'll see your file appear in the file table below the upload area. The filename will be displayed, along with several action buttons in the right-hand column:

The model library supports 3D Model files in STL or OBJ format only, so if you have a 3D Model file but it's not an STL or OBJ file, you'll get a popup message explaining that the file type isn't supported. Most common 3D Model file formats can be converted into STL or OBJ format using the design software which was originally used to create or export the file.

3: Using the 3D Model Viewer

Use the    button to launch the model in the online 3D Model viewer. This brings up a new popup window containing a full 3D View of the model file, allowing you to see the part from all angles.

Use the camera button in the 3D Model viewer window to capture screenshot images and download them to your device.

4: Getting a 3D Model Datasheet Summary PDF

If you work with 3D Model files, then you've probably spent a lot of time taking screenshot images of your designs and pasting them into documents. This can get pretty time-consuming, so we've created the 3D Model Datasheet tool to take care of this task with a single click:

Use the    button to automatically generate a PDF download of an informational datasheet containing multiple images of your 3D Model, along with the filename and dimensions.

Note: be sure to set the units of your 3D Model before downloading your PDF, or else the dimensions in the 3D Model Datasheet won't have any units! You can do this by selecting the units value -- "mm" for millimeters, "cm" for centimeters, or "in" for inches -- in the rows corresponding to each individual 3D Model:

5: Getting a Public Sharing Link

Sometimes your 3D Model files are too large to be sent as email attachments, and even when you do manage to transfer your 3D Model file to another party, there’s still the question of software availability: does this person have 3D Model viewing software installed on their computer?

Do they even know what a 3D Model file is? Do they have to go and download something, just to view your design? If they’re using a phone (and most people are), this gets even more difficult.

That's why we created Meshbucket, the public-facing 3D Model viewer. Without it, showing your 3D Model files to other people -- especially those who don't have time to get up to speed with installing 3D software -- can be a slow process.

Use the    button to launch a window that lets you copy and paste the Meshbucket public URL. Anybody who has this URL can view your 3D Model file -- just the model for which you generated the link. Each 3D Model file has its own public URL. Rest assured: we don't provide a way to download your 3D Model files from the public URL.

That's it! You can access your 3D Model Library and all of its features from any computer or smartphone device; just log in to your Hollywood 3D Printing user account.

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