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Published on 10 Sep 2019
Access 3D Design services online and order 3D Model files designed to your creative or technical specifications. Our services work for Organic Modeling / Digital Sculpting as well as CAD and Mechanical / Product Design.
Diver figurine and treasure chest, designed at Hollywood 3D Printing.

Create an online account with Hollywood 3D Printing, and access 3D Design services and online quotes + ordering through your Customer Dashboard.

The 3D Design process at Hollywood 3D Printing starts with your submission of an online quote request. This process requires a short summary of what you're looking to design, as well as answers to a few short questions and uploaded files containing reference images, sketches, or other information that gives context to your request.

This blog post walks through the instructional video below, which demonstrates how to use your Customer Dashboard to prepare and submit an online request for 3D Design services.

1: Create your Hollywood 3D Printing account

To access your Customer Dashboard, create an account online at

2: Select "New Quote" from your Customer Dashboard

Once you log in, you'll be directed to your Customer Dashboard, where you will see several options to create a quote request for 3D Printing, 3D Design, 3D Scanning, or Beyond 3D fabrication services. Select the option for "+ New Quote" in the 3D Design section.

3: Choose Design Type

We offer two styles of 3D Design services: Organic Modeling for characters, abstract pieces, or anything involving a more artistic approach to digital sculpting, and CAD Design for more geometric or precise mechanical parts and product designs.

4: Multiple Choices: Type of Design

Here you'll see common types of 3D Design requests. If you are looking for something from this list, select all items that apply.

If you're looking to create something that's not listed in this section, don't select anything, and your Project Manager will be sure to clarify with you.

5: Do you need to make parts?

Once your 3D Design is complete, do you need to continue with 3D Printing the design? Or, or are you simply looking for a 3D Design file created to your specifications?

6: Intended Use

With some context on how the design will be used, your Project Manager will be able to recommend the right process, to make sure you end up with a 3D Design that will work for your intended application.

Are you using this design for an engineering prototype? Are you looking to create a 3D Design for something that will eventually be used for branding or commercial purposes? Or, is this a casual-use situation?

7: Description

Write a short description of what you are looking to make, with at least a few specifics about your project. We find that 3-5 pieces of specific information about your design needs is ideal.

Being too generic with your description will delay your 3D Design quote, as your Project Manager will have to spend more time gathering individual details from you.

8: Reference File Upload

In this step, you'll want to upload a few files which help to explain or give context to your quote request: do you have any reference images that show something similar to what you're looking to make? Do you have rough sketches, dimension drawings, etc.?

There's no wrong answer here -- include any files you think contain relevant information, and your Project Manager will review them all.

That's it! Click Submit, and you will be redirected to a Quote Workspace for this quote request.

Your online Quote Workspace is your home base for everything that goes on with your quote and online 3D Design service order.

You will receive email updates when your quote is ready for ordering, or if your Project Manager needs more information about your 3D Design request.

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