Blizzard "Battle for Azeroth" Diorama

Purpose: Experiential Display

Blizzard Entertainment is famous for its annual BlizzCon events, where tens of thousands of fans gather for a three-day tribute to all that is Blizzard and to hear the company make major announcements for the upcoming year.

The World of Warcraft group wanted to do a massive battle scene depicting over 10,000 unique game characters, where each figurine was a specific attendee's player character in the game. By devising a novel workflow and staffing up to meet the ambitious deadline, we were able to produce 12,000 unique 3D Model files and corresponding unique 3D Printed figurines within just THREE WEEKS!

The "World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth" installation won a Guinness World Record for Largest Video Game Diorama.

Services Used:

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3D Design

Sketches, ideas, and reference materials are used to produce digital 3D Model designs to match project requirements. A feedback-oriented revisions and approval process ensures that the final models meet spec.

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3D Printing

Production of accurate plastic parts, starting from digital 3D Model files. Parts can be created as quickly as same-day.

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Model Painting

According to a predetermined color scheme or aesthetic requirement, 3D Printed parts are sanded, prepped, and painted to perfection using either detail model brush-painting, airbrushing, or high quality automotive-grade spray application.

Material Used: SLS Nylon

Parts 3D Printed in SLS Nylon are reliable and durable. This is a good general-purpose option, with a longer lead-time than ABS Plastic.

Project Management

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