Material Options

3d printed and rapid prototyping materials using ABS Plastic and PLA services company Los Angeles and Santa Monica

ABS Plastic

ABS Plastic is the most common choice for general prototyping. For applications not involving mold-making or small fine detail, this is an ideal material due to its strength and durability across a wide range of part geometries.

formlabs clear and flexible sla resin and plastic rapid prototypes services company in Los Angeles and Santa Monica

High-Resolution Resin

A dense, hard polymer ideal for applications requiring a smooth finish or moldmaking. The level of detail in these parts makes them the best option for props and miniatures, or other parts which require a high level of surface resolution.

Finishing Services

We offer a full range of post-processing services, designed to make your parts look presentation-ready. Through our Beyond 3D services, a 3D Printed part is open to a multitude of finishing and extended fabrication options.

sls nylon 12 plastic rapid prototype 3d printing services company in Los Angeles and Santa Monica

SLS Nylon

Parts 3D Printed in SLS Nylon are reliable and durable. This is a good general-purpose option, with a longer lead-time than ABS Plastic.

full color gypsum powder 3d printing services company in Los Angeles and Santa Monica


Due to the full-color capability, this material is most commonly used for producing miniature models of people for display purposes. When performing a 3D Body Scan, we capture the color data necessary for this 3D Printing process. This material is not common or recommended in general prototyping or other model-making applications, as parts can be delicate.

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