Material: ABS Plastic

For general prototyping, durable mechanical parts, casual-use models, and large pieces.

ABS Plastic is the most commonly-requested material for all applications. An economical choice for durable working parts, the process producess precise plastic parts which do have visible build lines. The build lines are uniform and cleanly stacked, but are more markedly visible on the surface of the part compared to parts made in High-Resolution Resin.

If visible build lines are not desirable due to cosmetic requirements, then it's recommended that you choose High-Resolution Resin if the parts you're making are small or medium-sized. If you are making one or more parts that are more than ~1' in any dimension that require a fully smoothed and cosmetically finished surface, then it is typically more economical to choose ABS Plastic and pass the part through our Beyond 3D service to have us manually smooth the ABS Plastic part.

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