3D Printed and Chrome Plated Trophies for Corporate Special Event

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Client: Hilton

Purpose: Custom Trophies

Given the task of visually communicating the philosophy behind several Hilton corporate memes, we ideated these three unique trophy designs. The finished pieces were presented to winners during a massive annual corporate event celebrating all members of Hilton's Western Hemisphere hotel management.

The designs each represent a unique element of either the Hilton brand or Hilton corporate culture: The Heart of Hilton, Hilton Highways, and "Genius of the And."

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Chrome Plating

3D Printed parts are coated with a lustrous and reflective true-metal chrome surface.

Material Used: High-Resolution Resin

A dense, hard polymer ideal for applications requiring a smooth finish or moldmaking. The level of detail in these parts makes them the best option for props, miniatures, or other parts which require high-resolution surface detail.

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