Miniature Heads made with 3D Printing

Client: KFC

Purpose: Hero Props

KFC makes a pretty darn good commercial. We are proud -- nay, honored -- to have produced these little Col. Sanders Map Pin props. The miniature heads were 3D Printed and hand-painted, starting with a digital model captured from a 3D Scan of a bobblehead toy.

See the commercial here.

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3D Scanning

Starting with an existing physical object, our 3D Scanning process produces an accurate digital 3D Model of that object. This baseline digital model is then modified to suit the creative requirements of the project.

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3D Printing

Production of accurate plastic parts, starting from digital 3D Model files. Parts can be created as quickly as same-day.

3d print file checking your watertight STL or OBJ file mesh

Model Painting

According to a predetermined color scheme or aesthetic requirement, 3D Printed parts are sanded, prepped, and painted to perfection using either detail model brush-painting, airbrushing, or high quality automotive-grade spray application.

Material Used: High-Resolution Resin

A dense, hard polymer ideal for applications requiring a smooth finish or moldmaking. The level of detail in these parts makes them the best option for props, miniatures, or other parts which require high-resolution surface detail.

Project Management

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