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3D Body Scanning: Overview

Summary: What is 3D Body Scanning?

3D Body Scanning is the process of digitally capturing the complete full-body geometry of a person holding a specific pose, with full color information included along with surface geometry.

Where does the scanning take place?

3D Body Scanning appointments take place at our storefront location in Hollywood. Upon request, we can instead travel on-site to your location.

Can I wear any type of clothing? Can I be nude?

Any type of clothing and accessories will be fine, except for reflective clothing or thin accessories like wireframe glasses.

Yes, nude scans are a common request for artists and sculptors.

Can I get just a 3D Scan of my head, or my upper body / bust?

Yes, any part of the body can be scanned in full detail; it doesn't need to be a full body scan.

Can you modify my body after you do the scan?

Yes -- we can reshape and modify any part of the 3D Scan data to achieve a specific look. Think of this as "3D airbrushing."

How long does it take?

3D Body Scanning sessions last about 15 minutes from start to finish. The process consists of several scanning passes over different parts of the body, and you'll need to hold a steady pose for up to two minutes at a time.

What do I get from a 3D Body scan?

Your 3D Body Scan is delivered in the form of a 3D Model file in OBJ file format, along with color texture information in a separate image file. Together, these files represent the full geometry and color captured for your body pose. We can also deliver scan files in WRL / VRML file format, which combines the scan geometry with the color information.

Can I use my 3D Body Scan file for 3D Printing?

Yes -- the STL file that you receive when the scan is completed ready for 3D Printing, and can be scaled to any size.

Common Applications of 3D Body Scanning

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Form-Fitting Designs

3D Scanning provides baseline real-world data, from which customized items -- masks, prostheses, costume parts, etc. -- can be shaped and created to fit any form and function.

reverse engineering and duplicate parts with 3d scanning in los angeles

Visual Effects and Animation

3D Body scan data can be used to inform the creation of animated avatars and characters.

create full color 3d printed action figures and figurines in los angeles

Miniature Figurines

With full-color resin or gypsum 3D Printing, you can create miniature "action figure" statuettes from your 3D Body Scan data.

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How to Order

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Getting a Quote

To get a price quote for a 3D Body Scanning appointment, submit a quote request and some information about the type of pose required for the scan, or if you need multiple 3D Scans of several different poses. A project engineer will review and respond, typically within 15-30 minutes.

If you need to modify or resize your 3D Body Scan data in any way, be sure to mention this when submitting a quote request.

Schedule an Appointment

We will provide a schedule of available time slots for 3D Body Scanning appointments. Appointments are held at our storefront location, but we can travel on-site to your location if you prefer.

Download Your Completed 3D Body Scan Files

Your finished 3D Body Scan data is exported as an OBJ file with a separate color texture file -- or as a combined WRL / VRML file, if you prefer -- and is sent to you through an online download link.