Custom Trophies

Create unique pieces with one-of-a-kind 3D Design, fabrication, and cosmetic finishing.

Our process of creating a custom trophy involves a pipeline beginning with an understanding of the concept or artwork behind the trophy's design. Sometimes this is provided as a sketch of the actual appearance of the trophy, but often we are asked to come up with a few design concepts based on abstract ideas

Once a plan for the design is formed and the 3D Design process is completed, the finished 3D Model is passed to the client for review and revision. Once approved, the 3D Model goes to 3D Printing and is typically fabricated in a mixture of ABS Plastic and High-Resolution Resin. Central to our trophy-making process is the design and fabrication of individual separate elements, to allow for precise detail in the finishing and assembly process.

Once all individual parts of a trophy have been fabricated and finished, the trophy is assembled by hand to produce a pristine finished piece. Engraved nameplates of any size, color, and style can be incorporated as well.

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