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Our turnkey production process covers planning, design, fabrication, and finishing -- getting you from concept to creation, all under one roof.

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Custom Fabrication: Overview

Summary: What is Custom Fabrication?

Custom Fabrication describes the process of starting with an idea or description of a finished physical piece, coming up with a custom service workflow to produce that piece, and executing the workflow to completion.

The overall process is the same whether you need a single custom trophy, a 10' tall display piece, or 250 custom promotional items for a marketing initiative. Each Custom Fabrication project involves a unique set of services in a specific order; our job is to determine what those services are, and then to perform them to completion.

What kinds of things can you make?

Here's a list of some of the types of projects we've run through our Custom Fabrication process: custom trophies, props and wardrobe elements for Film / Television / Commercials, experiential elements for live events, branded signage, step-and-repeats for special events, props for still photography, executive gifts, jewelry, various objets d'art, one-of-a-kind sculptures, large-scale dioramas, "exploded-view" product models, tradeshow display models, custom chess sets...and even custom soap molds.

The list is pretty varied, but the common thread between all of these types of projects is this: our customers need a reliable partner who can figure out the details and get things done on time, and to a high quality standard. Many of the items we create end up on camera for broadcast media like commercials, massive live + televised events, or print ads -- so things have to look perfect. And that's what we strive to deliver.

How does it work?

Start off by submitting a request online, and be sure to include a good description of what you want to make, along with any project-specific files or reference images that show things similar to what you're looking to make.

We'll review your request and get back to you with next steps -- typically, the next step after we receive your online request is to have a phone call to go over the project in more depth.

After we fully understand your goals and any important deadlines, we'll propose a concrete service workflow -- a Project Plan -- that will lead to an end result that meets your needs.

How long does it take?

We do our best to work within your deadlines, and it's not uncommon to get a request that requires delivery within a matter of days or even next-day. If you don't have a specific deadline and need something made which requires design, fabrication, and finishing: you can expect it to take anywhere from 2 - 6 weeks. It all depends on what you need to make.

Common Applications of Custom Fabrication

Examples Gallery

custom trophy and award maker in los angeles

Trophies + Awards

Unique presentation-quality trophies for any event. Full-service design and rendering previsualization, fabrication, and finishing.

make branded photoshoot items and props in los angeles

Branded Elements

Bring your brand into the physical realm, with customized pieces which faithfully represent the look and feel of your company.

make custom tradeshow display models and marketing displays in los angeles

Tradeshow Displays

Produce large-scale versions of commercial products and packaging, exploded-view models of complex products, and visually attractive elements for your live marketing needs.

outdoor display elements and visual attractions for live events and experiences in los angeles

Experiential Builds

Specialized builds for live events and public attractions. We collaborate with your team and participate in planning, production meetings, and fulfillment.

photoshoot and photography props maker in los angeles

Hero Props

Camera-ready objects prepared on demanding deadlines, for use in photography or commercial broadcast productions.

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How to Order

Get a Quote

Getting a Quote: Define Your Requirements

To get a price quote on a custom fabrication project, submit a quote request and tell us what you're looking to make -- be sure to mention if you have a specific deadline. A project engineer will review and respond, typically within 15-30 minutes.

If you have reference images or project-related files -- or even pictures of something similar to what you want to produce -- including these materials in your initial request will ensure faster service.

We'll Propose a Solution

After we have a complete picture of your goals, our Project Management team will devise a Project Plan for you: a list of services required to produce an end result that meets your needs.

Turnkey Production

Our team of designers, artists, and fabrication engineers will follow this Project Plan to completion. Everything is managed under one roof, instead of you having to string together multiple individual vendors to complete a single project. Any unique fulfillment-related needs can be discussed and coordinated.