Concept to creation, and everywhere in between.

Our family of services is designed to produce perfect physical objects, starting from any point in the creative process.

Rapid Prototyping

Get fast turnaround on custom parts and functional prototypes, with enough different size and material options to cover your unique project needs.

Detailed Finishing Services

Raw 3D Printed parts aren't ready for the big screen. This is a hurdle especially in the entertainment and marketing industries, where prepared visual elements must be presentation-quality.

We solve this problem for you by transforming plain-looking 3D Printed parts with custom paint matching, metal patinas, Gold and Chrome plating, marble, and more.

Custom Builds

We provide a full set of creative services required to design, build, and finish customized display pieces.

From concept sketches to final touches, we offer deadline-driven production of Hero-quality visual elements for live display and presentation needs.

Full-Service Design

You describe it, we design it. It's that simple! We turn your ideas, sketches, hand-made samples, and whatever else into clean, well-made 3D Model files.

Whether it's a simple mechanical prototype or a complex character design, every project starts with a free project review where you'll speak with a project manager to discuss your goals and how we can meet them.

3D Scanning

Obtain high-resolution 3D Model files from any physical object, or book an appointment for 3D body or 3D head scanning.

If you have a physical object that you want to modify, repair, or recreate -- or if you simply would like to have an accurate digital 3D Model file of a part -- then this is for you.

Installations and Display Pieces

Captivate your audience with an eye-catching display piece for your next experience-driven event.

Our team of artists, engineers, and fabrication experts will champion your project through concept, design, fabrication, and installation.

We specialize in delivering custom tradeshow installations, on time, and on-brand. If you're looking for a creative fabrication partner who you can work with like a natural extension of your own team, then drop us a line.

Hero Props

If you have an upcoming filmed production or photoshoot, and need custom props delivered in full camera-ready condition, you've come to the right place.

We specialize in transforming creative visions into pristine finished physical pieces on breakneck production schedules.

Trophies and Gifts

If you're making a trophy, award, or custom executive gift, here's our advice: break the mold!

Trophies and executive gifts should be exciting and unique. With our seamless creative design and fabrication services, we deliver on anything you can imagine.

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     "Thanks so much for hustling on the build! It's being used on-site and it looks GREAT!"
Phillip Giarratano
Senior Producer
at Spinifex Group
     "Congratulations, and thank you. It looks stunning! It was wonderful working with you; I hope we can do it again soon."
Paula Bradley
Costume Designer
for FX's American Horror Story
     "Hollywood 3D Printing Listens! ...After listening to us, their team came up with several ideas, asked us what we thought and refined it even more from there. They are like being an extension of your team, they are on the same page and want to exceed your expectations. They come highly recommended."
Linda Hilton
Senior Director Intermediary Group Sales
at Hilton Worldwide
     "Thank you!! The entire team has appreciated your diligence and above and beyond dedication to this project. You have been a joy to work with start to finish."
Sukie Jefferson
Senior Producer
at Circus
     "We loved the prototype, and everyone was super impressed. I can't believe you made that so quick! I really appreciate all your help."
Vicky Illk
Production Manager
at m ss ng p eces
     "These guys are awesome! Great and fast service, and they know how to make their customers feel in good hands. Went in to have them make a prototype, and all we had was a few hand-drawn sketches. The team was very professional and took a lot of time understanding our idea...definitely not the last time we work with this company!"
Peter O.
Product Design Engineer
     "You're a miracle worker."
Salehe Bembury
Luxury Footwear Designer
     "It looks great! Absolutely amazing! You nailed it! I’m beyond satisfied! Excellent job!"
Gerald Taylor
Product Design Engineer